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    White Flower Indescon Hotel

    November 20th, 2015 in Factory Visits, Quarry Visit

    Today we inspected production for the Indescon Hotel, which includes a specific selection from a large white marble quarry in Greece. The architect designed a pattern that utilised a combination of small tiles just 150x75x10mm in size, laid in a herringbone pattern. There was also an area of 600x300x10mm tiles, both to be fixed to walls. We require many thousands of square metres so it’s important we started correctly with production quality and range of colour and markings. 

    First we checked the production of small tiles. Initially these 150x75mm tiles had been specified as having sawn edges. The cutting of these tiles was extremely accurate and the edges were sharp, although while the tiles were still wet and being moved to the oven to be dried, there was potential for a small amount of damage and again on site when handled. 
    They therefore offered to apply a nominal bevel of just 1mm to ensure that edges remain intact. With such a small bevel the architect agreed with the plan as it didn’t compromise the more contemporary aesthetic. The cutting tolerance was extremely good as this factory also specialises in mosaic where tolerances are close to nothing. 
    From this first factory in Thessoloniki we headed to Kavla where the tile production was taking place. The first 100sqm of the 1000sqm required was ready. We took tiles at random and inspected for size and squareness. Edges can be tricky as the material is slightly sugary when wet. It is very hard to check the colour of the tile when plucked straight out of crates, so we needed to dry them for a true comparison, which was a good excuse to break for lunch.
    Tiles looked good, but for the best comparison we decided to prepare a small consignment for shipping to the UK by DHL and send to site as a reference.