On London's

Here on London’s doorstep, we have (in our humble opinion) the best masons and machinery around for getting what you need cut and finished to a seriously high standard.


Stepping Up

It all happens in our factory, where we’ve honed our service thanks to years of working with really demanding architects and designers on complex fireplaces, bar-tops, skirting, reception desks, seemingly impossible staircases, you name it. And as projects have grown more complicated, with lead times shorter than ever, tile sizes larger, and almost every customer wanting a bespoke element to their stone, we’ve grown more flexible.


Cut & Go

Rarely are we asked “What size do you have in stock?”. More likely it’ll be “How large can you cut them?” or “When do you need the details by?” meaning there are some things that must be on-site within hours. So we keep a bunch of key materials in stock – the most popular products for internal spaces, and frost-proof materials for pools, paving terraces and the like – all here and ready to cut.


The Perfect Prescription

Other products we can wait six weeks for, such as large quantities of one size from source. Every project will need a proportion of local manufacturing – anything from zero to 100% – and we know from experience what the ratio will be. But mixing cost-effective purchasing with localised manufacture in this way gives us one huge advantage: we can shave weeks off delivery time.

So keep those challenges coming (we love a challenge in case you hadn’t guessed), and when it’s complicated, or the sign-off rocks up at the 11th hour, let’s cut it here.