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    Selfridges Womenswear Department - Estremoz Maroteira – CM

    June 28th, 2014 in Case Studies, Factory Visits, General

    We have just supplied 400sqm Estremoz Maroteira – CM honed marble from Estramoz, Portugal.

    The design specified by the architect involved cutting triangles and parallelograms to a specific pattern repeated across the floor. The design also included our Urban Grey limestone as a border mimicked for this mock up initial production using wooden batons wrapped in black plastic. The selection of Estremoz Maroteira – CM was supreme. The background colour was a lovely milky cream and the cut pieces contained only occasional subtle cat skin type markings.

    The triangles were cut with the parallelograms to improve the waste. the computer aided machine can pick out the best bits whilst minimising waste.  The bundles of slabs varied a little from block to block but when mixed together looked really good. This is a super hard and durable marble so great for commercial applications. And frost resistant for external projects. This selection is not easy though so give us plenty of time if you specify it for a project!!