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    New Embassy dry lay inspection

    April 15th, 2016 in Factory Visits

    We are currently supplying around 1000sqm 50mm Pietra Del Mare Limestone to clad the New Embassy in London. The specification started 3-4 years ago with Dunston Limestone from Lincoln. This ideal material swiftly progressed to a French alternative to accommodate the sizes and quantity required. However the French limestone from Metz was from an aggregate quarry and the colour changed considerably over the period of specification and by the time the stone was needed we had to find something else! Another search and another solution. This time it was Pietra Del Mare.  A limestone supplied by Grassi Pietre in Vicenza. This was not a million miles away from the original spec both in colour and structure and very consistent too.

    Our recent trip to Italy was to inspect the mock up and if all was well ship to London to be installed on site and approved by the architect. We saw the mock up in the factory that when eventually dried looked really good and it was the consistency that impressed. The subsequent trip to the nearby quarry revealed a very unusual quarrying technique. The stone is now being mined and what was more interesting was that the stone was being extracted from the ceiling of the cave. They make four cuts with a chain saw and then the block breaks away along the natural bedding plain.