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    Grigio Veronese - 70 St Mary Axe, London

    November 2nd, 2017 in Inspection, Quarry Visit

    We are very pleased that our new sandstone has been selected so quickly after launch for a real landmark project in London. Our Grigio Veronese has been specified by Foggo Associates for 70 St Mary Axe Mead development in London.

    Other sandstones had been considered but the client was concerned about performance and subsequent maintenance. We were asked for options and suggested Grigio Veronese honed. The combination of high density, low porosity,  high abrasion resistance, high slip resistance and stand out flexural strength means this is the best stone in this category we have seen. After an initial sampling and analysis of the technical data, we were asked to tweak the honing level to 120. Not for slip as the slip resistance is good but the stone is so hard the regular honed finish looked ‘too finished’.

    The Foggo design calls for two tile sizes (474x412mm and 372x82mm) in alternate bands throughout the reception and lift lobbies. During the initial factory trip, the architect was accepting of shade variation but wanted to avoid swirly markings typical in areas of transition between the very fine grain of the block and parts with a medium fine grain. Also, any tiles with larger black spots were taken out. The result, well it’s almost perfect…! We just now need to supply it.

    View Grigio Veronese honed here.

    View Grigio Veronese Flamed here.