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    Coleman Street - Flint Limestone

    January 18th, 2012 in Case Studies, Factory Visits

    This week I visited a factory in Barcelona from which we buy Flint limestone. This order was for the project Coleman Street.

    Required, 150sqm 700x700x20mm honed tiles. We were there to check the cutting tolerance, colour selection, packing and to seal a few tiles with the product we currently recommend CCC Swift Seal Ultra. This sealer is the best we know currently that can both seal incredible effectively whilst causing minimal or no colour change. Ramon, the quarry and factory owner sealed some tiles using our recommendation and also a couple using his own. He preferred the Anti Oil C from a Spanish manufacturer. This sealer he preferred was incredible, sealing and drying in seconds with no colour change at all. I am investigating this sealer to see if there are any distributors in the UK and examine the health and safety data available. I will report back if a contender but as of now we still recommend CCC Swift Seal Ultra for Flint Limestone. This sealer is excellent and supplied by Tom Wiseman’s company CCC based in Cumbria.

    This sealer in combination with a ‘no water’ adhesive/fixing system will ensure the best results.

    During our trip we were shown a new bed in the Flint quarry, this was similar to the Flint we know, a few more fossils but the best aspect was the fact that there is no big restriction in size. we can offer 800x800mm or 1000x1000mm tiles and extract the block according to the project. The Flint currently has a restriction of 600x600mm. The order inspected at 700x700x20mm was an exception. So Flint B2 (the new material) is more versatile in this respect. We will introduce this material on the site soon once tests carried out and data is available.