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    Stone selection: from inspiration to delivery

    June 8th, 2016 in Care & Maintenance, Factory Visits, Slab inspection, Technical Data

    GDStones is more than just a stone supplier. The journey from a client’s initial idea to the full shipment of stone delivered to site is a long and complex one, and that’s the way we like it. Because by taking so much care through the entire process, we ensure clients get exactly what they need, at the very best quality. This is how it works:

    First samples: choosing a concept
    It starts with an idea. A client comes to us with first thoughts on the stone they are looking for. It may be just a description over the phone, photographs of what it might look like, or a specific name. They can also order samples direct from our website. We normally then send between five and 10 100cm x 20cm pieces out.

    Specification: focusing on the detail
    Clients will choose one, perhaps two, from the hand-samples they receive. They will want to see larger tiles, so we also send these along with project reference images, slab photography and any other information that demonstrates the material and finish.

    Tender: playing the waiting game
    Once they’ve specified their material, the job goes out to tender, and this could take anything up to 3 years before the order comes in to us. Sometimes it quicker, sometimes a lot longer. But managing that timeline is essential.

    Range Samples: ensuring consistency
    Because there could be years between the initial specification and the eventual order, it’s important to re-sample at this stage. We supply the client with a range of around six new samples from current production at the quarry so the architect sees first-hand if there have been natural changes in colour since the original pieces. Some stones change more than others, so once the client is happy, we place the order with the factory.

    Client inspection: going to the source
    We visit the quarry with the client and architect so they can see 20-30 m2 cut to size stones up close, along with blocks and slabs of the product. We will also arrange a dry lay, and if the client isn’t able to make the trip, we’ll produce a full photographic report for them.

    Quality control: checking and triple checking
    Once the client is happy with their inspection, we normally carry out another one, just to be absolutely sure the product is right. Our quality assurance specialist will visit the quarry again to check the aesthetics, looking at everything from tolerances and edges, to packaging. We’ll often also check at our UK warehouse, and also when it ultimately arrives on-site.

    And that’s the GDStones promise: meticulous attention to detail at every step.