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    Snowhill - Crema Luna/Balzac B5 Limestone

    June 25th, 2012 in Case Studies, Factory Visits

    Recently I visited a factory in Verona to inspect the blocks, slabs and a small mock up of 747x747x30mm tiles for a nice project in Birminham called Snowhill. The architect (Sidell Gibson) had specified 1700sqm Balzac B5 (otherwise known as Crema Luna amonst others) for the reception/lift lobby floor in 750x750x30mm and 1500x453mm for the wall. The space is really nicely designed and the the internal wall stone running up many floors.

    The Balzac  is quite a difficult material. Firstly there are two distinct benches sold of this popular material. Firstly no 5 that we are using here, 3/4 is the alternative possibility. Bench No5 is cleaner than  No3/4 by way of fossil content but commonly has rust spots that need to be understood and embraced by architects!! Both selections have background colour variation from a very whitish cream to a mush deeper yellow colour. This can be seen here in the images.

    We had sent three small range samples to the architect (Julian Howlett) and these were brought on the trip with us to compare against the mock up and slabs on display. The samples and the mock up illustrated well the colour variation and rust/fossil content to be expected. Of the 16 747x747x30mm tiles on display, four of them were of the darker shade we expect to see. Julian asked if these tiles could be avoided but factory manager Daniele could not guarantee this especially with an order of 1700sqm. Julian suggested that we use the tiles of the darker shade for the lift lobbies and the lighter for the artium. Luckily due to the split of the metres required this worked and Daniele agreed to package the tiles separately.

    For the wall tiles there is no such split so for this aspect the price had to be increased to accomodate the higher selection without the darker shade.

    The rust and fossils were are per the architects expectations and seemed pretty much under control. We agreed the maximum size and general frequency of these spots.

    I will be visiting again in a couple of weeks to see the production under way but now we have the big rush to get the material out before the August holidays. The same every year!!