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    Shell Gris inspection for JP Natural Stone in Verona

    September 29th, 2017 in Inspection, Slab inspection

    Whilst in Verona this week for the Marmomacc Stone Show we took the opportunity to inspect an order we have prepared and is ready to be shipped to Australia for a prestigious residential project.

    We have recently formed a collaboration with JP Natural Stone. An exciting new stone specialist based in Sydney and working with the best architects helping with stone specifications. JPNS have access to all of our core products. Also any new introductions and some exclusives of their own. With GDStones being closer to the source we can help and inspect orders and keep the suppliers in line.

    This order was for 350m2 120 x 60 x 2cm Shell Gris plus some bespoke items. This stone is incredibly hard and retains moisture so tricky to inspect. This is even after using the flame gun to dry the stone a few times over. As well as the stone I checked one or two crates that had already been packed.

    In the crates, I noticed a small device on top of the stone. It was called a Shock Watch. Apparently, in the event of the crate receiving a serious clout on its travels, it goes red. The stone was exceptionally well packed and is a hard and sound material. But it is still reassuring to have this device on board in each and every crate to monitor its progress and show if the container or crate has not had an easy ride.