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    Schroders, London Wall. Grigio Perla Dry Lay

    September 21st, 2017 in Factory Visits

    We have just returned from a short trip to Italy with stone specialists Arena Stone & Ceramic, the main contractor Overbury and architects TP Bennett to inspect a dry lay of our Grigio Perla for the Schroders main reception, London Wall, London.

    We have performed the same procedure for the whole building but the ground floor is obviously the showcase.  Due to the limitations of the warehouse, the tiles laid only represent half of the space and this really showed us for the first time just how expansive the reception area is and how impressive it will look.

    The tiles were laid on solid two wide batons and then butted closely together so we could actually walk on the floor and therefore get the most realistic impression of the final result so far.

    With Grigio Perla, the variety of shades and size of inclusions mean that a dry lay is highly recommended. In this case TP Bennett had asked for the tiles cut from different slabs and blocks to be mixed as randomly as possible for a good balance of shades and inclusions across the whole floor. This is actually harder than it sounds! But on the day everything was approved and signed off. The tiles were subsequently numbered according to location (so they can be placed in the same location in the building) and packed ready for collection.

    View Grigio Perla here: Grigio Perla