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    Qatar Lounge Feature Wall - Shell Gris Bush Hammered Marble

    January 19th, 2012 in Case Studies, Factory Visits

    The Qatar Lounge project was a real challenge. A very complicated project involving firstly tiles (600x600x20mm – see previous blog). Then bespoke slabwork for a servery and vanity tops but the most difficult aspect of all without doubt was the feature wall.

    It was to be in bush hammered Shell Gris in which we had to inscribe into the word ‘Welcome’ but in Arabic. The 20mm stone slabs were firstly imported from Oman in a polished finish. Then we sent the slabs from the UK to Portugal where (a factory we know well and trust) bush hammered the slabs to give the textured surface and cut them to size as per the architects requirements.

    Then, where required we had to cut the mitres and glue using a support on the internal edge to help whilst in transit. The relevant panels then had the Arabic letters cut into them using a water jet machine. The order was then packed in sequence to help the fixers on site get the job done as quickly as possible as time was very tight.

    After a lot of time and effort and careful coordination I think it looks great and almost identical to the conceptual drawings from the architect.