West London Residential


We worked with W.B. Simpson & Sons Specialist Contractors, Studiolise Designers and Simon Morray Jones Architects on this exciting residential project in West London. A stunning showcase of our material inside and out. The focus for us was on finding the right material for the pool area in the new and expansive basement. This huge space was to house the gym, swimming pool and plunge pool, changing area and bathrooms.

For the walls of the basement pool and adjoining areas Silver Travertine was sampled and subsequently chosen not just just for its colour but with its definitive strata it emulated the layers of soil and Earth that lay beyond. Albeit slightly lighter, fresher and more delicate. The strata of the travertine was to run horizontally and panels fixed in vertical bands. This design worked to great effect.

The pool surround needed to complement the warm beige, cream and silver tones of the travertine. It needed to be light too. Luckily we had just begun promoting a great limestone that happened to be perfect for this project. Bretigny is quarried near Poitiers and is an excellent choice for internal and external paving, wall linings or fa├žades. It has a high slip resistance in a honed finish but here the bush hammered and brushed the surface to make it even better! The creamy and very consistent tone of this French limestone made it the right choice as a backdrop to the striking appearance of the Silver Travertine. Supplied in a large format pattern with cut pieces of a metre square or more 30mm thick and 50mm for the copings.

In addition to the pool, we supplied Magny Dore for hallway and kitchen, Grollo Beige flamed for the a fire pit, terrace and pathways. And finally our Urban Grey flamed for the entrance area and driveway.