Central London Residential


Alpine White was specified by Millier London for a landmark Central London residential development. We have been lucky enough to supply 5000m2 of honed cut to size for the apartments including living areas, kitchens and hallway areas and staircases.

The project was cut and finished here in London. The slabs required were procured over a period of nearly two years. Our special relationship with the quarry allowed us the very best of what was extracted.

Each block of slabs offered was checked and if of the highest quality, was loaded and shipped to London. Here we cut and dry laid each apartment, area by area. These areas were then inspected by the project team. Tiles would often need to be moved, rotated and occasionally replaced. A report was then issued for each specific area to be signed off by the architect. When we had the green light, the tiles were finally crated and delivered to the project site.

The results we think are off the scale. The Alpine White can be seen here to be the exceptional product it really is, nothing else quite like it.