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    Whistlers Road

    Stones used

    Whistlers Road

    Architects Denizen Works came to us for stone recommendations for an innovative residential property. They were looking for something that looked like concrete and was suitable for a kitchen floor covering. It was important that the stone could run inside and outside to work as a terrace but retain the same smooth finish as inside.

    There was only one choice – Urban Grey limestone. This is excellent in low honed or sawn finishes where other materials may exhibit saw marks or look unfinished. The stone is exceptional and we have sold it in everything from sawn, diamond-sawn, sand-blasted, bush-hammered, flamed, brushed, honed and polished.

    This incredibly versatile limestone is frost-resistant for external paving of cladding applications. It is also hard enough to be used in large offices, shopping centres or similar schemes. Due to the specific geological composition of this material it has the added benefit of very good slip resistance in a low hone or diamond-sawn finish. This means the frost resistant Urban Grey in this type of smoother finish is also suitable for external areas and internal wet applications, such as swimming pools and shower or wet rooms.

    For Whistler Road, the stone could retain the same finish inside and out and retain the monolithic appearance the architect desired. The stone is also easier to clean than the alternative option of using textured finishes to get the external slip rating we would require. The overall effect was very impressive.