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    Air Street

    Stones used

    Air Street

    We were asked by Barr Gazettas to recommend natural stone materials for the redevelopment of a Grade II listed building as part of the Crown Estate’s Quadrant scheme off Regent Street.

    The wall was to be flat grey with huge pieces of stone. Barr Gazettas wanted the natural stone on the elevation around the lift door entrances to look almost infinite in its length and panels behind the reception desk to be huge and square. They had designed stone panels to have a mix of accentuated and standard joints.

    The size of the natural stone for the floor also needed to be large. We looked at the colour pallet first before working on the sizes requested, making sure that stones presented had no particular restrictions in size.

    After a few different avenues and colour combinations of grey and beige, the architect selected Pietra Serena Sandstone for the wall and our Rosal Fleury Limestone for the floor. The Pietra Serena offered the flat appearances with minimal markings and movement, fossils or veins. This would mean the exaggerated joints would stand out with nothing else to distract the eye.

    The Rosal Fleury is a stone that offers commercial durability but a good anti-slip aspect. It is unusual for a beige limestone to provide good durability in combination with natural anti-slip properties, without a difficult-to-clean texture on the surface or to have to apply an anti-slip etch to the surface.