Our Stones.

We've travelled to factories and quarries the world over, investing time and energy in our relationships with their owners. The result? A portfolio of more than 150 types, textures and colours of stone to spur the imagination. So, for access to wonderful materials – the ticket to truly stand-out projects – get in touch. Ask us about our finishes too (we’ve spent years perfecting those).

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Order Samples

Once we’ve helped you identify the best contender for the job, ask us for a sample. There’s no substitute for cradling a chunk of stone in the palm of your hand and running a finger over the surface. Its texture, grain, and reflectivity are all revealed. So are true colours – especially beige and grey tones that don’t render well on a device.

Special note to architects and designers: That sample you stuck on your mood board two years ago? It was a snapshot, a moment that may be long gone – because stone is a natural product hewn from quarries that inevitably change over time. And while we love stone for this uniqueness, nobody wants unwelcome surprises.

So get in touch when your project is about to kick off and we’ll get the most up-to-date sample over to you. Chances are, we hold the stock locally, and it’s simply a case of popping it into a scooter pannier.