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    Looking For Statuario Marble

    September 30th, 2012 in Case Studies, Factory Visits

    I recently visited factories in Carrara with a good client to look for some nice Statuario marble to deck out a large bathroom in London he was working on. We had a specific request from his client to make sure that the back ground was white and the markings crisp but not too chunky and Statuario veins can get very thick and very heavy.

    I have attached images of some of the material we saw and considered. The main contenders were two blocks. Both were freshly cut and being polished. The first of the two blocks had a light vein, not too wide and they ran across the width so generally good for a book match with length of the slab running up/down the wall. The second bundle of slabs had two nice medium veins diagonally across the slab and a good clean white background colour.

    The end client making the decisions liked the block we saw earlier in the day. These slabs had the perfect veining for the space and the cut to size we had to make and being 310cm long we could lose the end with the slightly greyer background as the bathroom required slabs for a wall height of 240cm.

    Both blocks were to be shipped to the Verona Stone Fair to be sold the following week so we got there just in time.