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    Indescon Hotel Savannah Grey

    November 20th, 2015 in Factory Visits, Quarry Visit

    Along with white marble, we also had to inspect the Savannah Grey tiles that were also part of the design for the Indescon Hotel. 

    This material is quarried in Turkey in the famous marble area of Bursa. To get to the factory it is a quick flight to Istanbul and then a ferry ride across the Marmara, and the company we work with owns both the factory and the quarry. There is a lot of Savannah Grey in bundles of slabs, blocks and tile production. They also quarry the famous stripy marble Marmara, and a few nice beige materials.

    The tiles were 450x300x10mm and polished. We had also requested that the tiles had the mesh removed from the back. Mesh should be avoided, especially on tiles where additional restraint cannot be added. This mesh-free tile was achieved by sending them back down the tile line as an additional process at the end. This re-calibrated the tile and in doing so the mesh was machined off the back face. We laid a good number of the tiles out, enough to see the variation in this first batch prepared. 
    In addition to the tiled elements of the project we are make a number of bespoke elements including shelves, vanity tops and architraves. We are making these in London in a local workshop so the random slabs needed to be inspected to be sure they would match the tiles.