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    Holland Park - Titanium & Silver Travertine

    June 8th, 2014 in Case Studies, Factory Visits, General, Uncategorized

    I spent a day in a factory near Siena inspecting some sample slabs from blocks prepared for our residential swimming pool project to which we are supplying Italian Silver Travertine (walls), Iranian Titanium Travertine (walls) and finely bush hammered Thala Beige (pool surround). The pool is actually underground so the Titanium vein cut travertine is an inspired choice by architect Michael Tyler ( This when vein cut and in this case coloured resin filled could be said to look a bit ‘earth-like’ as you can see from the images.   We actually featured this travertine in our new product section years ago and thought it a great material but this is actually our first project in it. The walls in bathrooms will be the Titanium Travertine and this is used in conjunction with original Silver Travertine (quarry is next to the factory) to great effect.

    The feature wall along the length of the swimming pool will be lined with 2.8m pieces of Silver Travertine book matched end to end. All walls are polished. All the wall cladding will be designed at 600mm wide widths and longest lengths in line with the slabs we are using to minimize waste and price. This way we get the biggest pieces per pound. The Travertine sourced in both Titanium and Silver varieties were very high quality. The Titanium was in the main consistently dark with just one band of lighter colour that we worked out could be almost completely avoided. The Silver was beautiful and best available with nice chunky linear markings of creamy white, grey and a mushroom beige. Perfect for the feature wall.

    Whilst there, we managed to select the pool surround. The client liked Bateig Beige but both Sandberg Consultants and the quarry owners themselves had warned me against it when I quizzed them. The factory supplying the travertine also work Thala Beige and I suggested they prepare a piece in a fine bush hammered finish as an alternative to the Bateig. And sure enough, it was a great match and went very well with the two travertine types. I definitely look forward to seeing this project finished, it will be stunning.