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    Furla London - Travertine Noce

    July 26th, 2013 in Case Studies, Factory Visits

    We recently visited Italy to inspect production destined for the new Furla store in London. The specification called for Noce (Walnut) Travertine, vein cut and resin filled.

    I prefer vein cut for commercial applications and the resin filler. It is more durable than the cement that is more commonly used. The floor was designed as planks so the tiles we ordered were 900x150x30mm thick. The finish was honed. When we arrived the strips taken from the block had been resin filled and were waiting to be honed. A small amount of production had been finished at this time but gave us a good idea of colour of both resin and stone. Being vein cut there was a slight change in the colour as the tiles were taken from different heights of the slab but really worked well together and there was a nice overall consistency.

    We checked other aspects of the order, skirting and treads and all looked good (although treads were not finished with edges to be filled). One final check was to the back of the tiles. I wanted to make sure the holes in the travertine were not too big and well spaced. nothing we saw caused concern and the overall appearance of the holes was as we would expect. Most holes not being more than 5-8mm in diameter.