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    Alpine White Inspection

    January 12th, 2016 in Factory Visits

    Last month week we visited Turkey to inspect slabs from a number of blocks. These were cut to fulfil both an order we placed for 400sqm of slabs, and for stock.

    More than four blocks had been cut and we arrived in time to see the last few slabs of the last block being polished. The factory we use for this very important product line is not close to the quarry but they have a longstanding relationship with the quarry owners that allows the best blocks to be bought. They also have a good understanding of these more difficult limestones, which need careful treatment.

    When you have the opportunity to buy the very best of this material you need to make allowances on sizes, with some bundles containing slabs of just 190cm in length while others measure nearly 300. We were very pleased with this consignment and look forward to seeing the slabs here in London so they can be put to good use on our projects.