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    Bank of China - San Remo Limestone

    January 18th, 2012 in Case Studies, Factory Visits

    returned to Venice to inspect the finished production for Bank of China last week. The blocks had yielded some cracking material and once dry looked as per our approved mock up seen in November with TP Bennett & Overbury.

    I intermingled the approved mock up tiles and the actual production and could not tell the difference between the tiles. A good sign indeed. The tiles were packed beautifully and loaded today on a trailer to London. We have even managed, in this particular case to record crate numbers from each block to allow the two help the stone contractor to fix  of the two areas using stone from the same areas in the quarry. The 1st floor (approximately 100sqm) will have just one block allocated to it. the ground floor (approximately 200sqm) will have one very large nice block (no. 500 – 12310kg) and an adjacent one in the quarry making what we hope to be an excellent job.