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    Schroders London Wall quarry inspection

    April 15th, 2016 in Factory Visits, Quarry Visit

    This week we took a trip the incredible quarry of Grigio Perla . With orders being placed imminently for the exciting Schroders London Wall project we thought it good to take a quick trip out to see the current extraction and discuss the project in more detail. The quarry (working since 1897) and factory have got to be in one of the most unique settings with views across Lago d’iseo The factory building is in typical 1950’s style and the quarrying now inside the mountain. So nothing really upsets these unusually tranquil surroundings.

    The unusual nature of Grigio Perla is actually the result of a landslide. now digging deeper inside the mountain they have reached a point in one direction where the original mountainside made of dolomitic marble can be seen and the broken breccia type structure on top showing clearly where the landslide occurred millions of years ago. It is really incredible.

    Now this point has been reached inside the mountain we obviously have a new product. A beautiful black and grey marble that has to be considered for any project were Grigio Perla is specified… We have already suggested this to the architect.

    In the factory, as well as honed and filled slabs we we’re shown a water jet finish. The water jet has removed all the slightly softer elements and given a dramatic texture for a feature wall in a reception or great alternative for cladding shower walls.