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    Blackfriars Tundra Blue

    April 29th, 2016 in Factory Visits, New Stone

    In addition to the Petra Alba Travertine specified and already supplied to One Blackfriars we were asked to also assist in procuring 10,000sqm of Tundra Blue Limestone in 20mm of various sizes and 1000sqm of 12mm tiles.

    The quarry is in Isparta, Turkey. It is a very nice stone aesthetically but very difficult to select good blocks and exceptionally tricky to cut and give good clean crisp edges.

    As we were not familiar with the stone we decided to ask a company we have worked with for years and own their own quarries to help us deliver the right result. They visited the quarry many times and became experts in this material and after our recent inspection trip to Turkey I know we made the right decision.

    The edges of the stone had been cut razor sharp and sizing well within the tolerances we expect. This limestone has light, medium and dark parts to it. We managed to select blocks of just the medium and dark for production leaving the very light stuff in the quarry. The tiles of each shade have then been packed separately so each area can be one shade or the other and not be mixed.

    We have also sent current samples to Sandberg Consultants to be tested and stone CE Marked.